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The Vocational & Career Development Program: Expert Help for Choosing the "Best Fit" College and Career

Helping Students

Choosing a college, deciding upon a major and discovering a career path can be exciting milestones in an individual's life. Yet, this is a time that is often filled with stress, anxiety, frustration and confusion. Studies have found that freshmen are transferring to other colleges by their sophomore year more readily than ever before, students are taking longer to finish their degree and many are dropping out. Switching colleges, changing majors and feeling overwhelmed can be preventable. Proper planning and guidance can help students choose the "best fit" college and turn these precious years into a time of self-discovery. The student can put his best foot forward right from the start.

Our staff develops an individualized assessment package to address these issues. We obtain information about your interests, abilities, learning style and personality traits. We utilize this information to move you on a path toward completing your education and getting you started on the next stage of life - a career that fits you. When indicated, we evaluate for other factors that potentially impede educational success, such as cognitive weaknesses (including attention deficits), emotional conflicts and learning problems.

Helping Adults Seeking Change

Many people are faced with decisions about changing their career, returning to the work force after a leave (due to personal choice, illness or injury) or have a desire to engage in a career that they never thought was possible.

With our guidance, you will obtain valuable information to help you discover your career path. We will meet with you to review your past education and employment history, and we will administer tests geared toward your specific needs. As we work together and learn about your personal values, personality traits, abilities, interests and goals, we will assist you in problem-solving and decision-making. Answers are on the way!

Our staff will review testing results with you in a clear and concise manner while addressing your questions and concerns. We will develop a complete picture of your ideal college and career paths based on your interests, abilities, learning style and personality traits.

We also teach resume-writing skills and job interviewing techniques. We offer training in time management, planning skills, and relaxation strategies. We can assist you with the college application process. To read more, click here. To listen to a radio interview featuring testimonials about this successful program, click here.

Individualized Tutoring for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT

Some of our staff have specialized backgrounds in preparing students for nationally-administered standardized examinations. They will work with students to identify their weaknesses and strengths on the SAT and other exams. Our preparation is one-to-one instruction that is customized to the individual's specific needs and learning style.

Our clients develop confidence as they learn valuable methods to efficiently solve problems on these tests, pace themselves and other crucial strategies such as anxiety reduction and time management. As psychologists with specialization, we are also able to teach highly effective skills that specifically address those students with learning disabilities and executive skill deficits (e.g., ADHD).